Console Settings

The console feed is highly customizable. In the console, click on the ⚙ Gear icon to open Console Settings.

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This opens a pop-up window where you can modify the console feed's behavior.

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Here's a quick rundown of what every option does.

Clear console on page navigation

With this option turned off, logs are preserved unless you manually clear them. Turning this on automatically clears all logs whenever you refresh or go to another web page.

Listen to logs from only one device

Enabling this option improves performance by collecting logs from only the selected device rather than from all of them. This is especially useful when testing a very large number of devices.

Once enabled, choose a device from the device picker menu.

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Warning Despite sounding similar, this option is different from log filtering. Selecting a device from the device picker while this option is disabled only filters out the logs from other devices—the actual logs are still collected. However, selecting a device while this option is enabled does not collect logs from the other devices at all.

Show backgrounds

Toggles color coding for different log types.

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Show borders

Toggles the lines that separate consecutive log entries.

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Show icons

Toggles the icons on or off for different log categories.

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Show device icon

Toggles the📱 device icon to the left of the log entries on or off.

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Updated 04 Aug 2021
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