Devices Set to Different Languages for Testing Localization Support

Localization is important if you want to target a global and multilingual audience. In this example, we'll test 4 different languages—Japanese, Russian, Hindi, and English—on a single device.

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Prerequisites/recommended reading

Creating Presets


Per-device Simulations

View Modes

Cloning Devices


Add the devices you want and pick a view mode. Here, we're using a Galaxy S20 and cloning it thrice.

For each cloned device, go to 🧪 Simulations in the 3-dot menu and set the Locale to the language you want.

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Optionally, rename the cloned devices like in the example below.

Only cloned devices can be renamed. If you want a custom name for all devices, create another clone, rename it, and hide the default device from the workspace.

Save the preset. Click Refresh and you'll see the webpage in different languages.

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