Linux Installation Instructions

There are two methods to use Sizzy on Linux:

  • Installing using AppImageLauncher (recommended)
  • Running a portable version using AppImage.


On certain Linux distributions, the app fails to launch due to missing packages required to run Chromium-based apps. In this case, try installing the following packages:

atk at-spi2-atk gtk3 libgtk-3.0 libatk-bridge2.0-0 lib32-gtk2 java-atk-wrapper libXt libatk-bridge

1. Download and install the latest version of AppImageLauncher for your distro.

3. Right-click the Sizzy.AppImage file and open it with AppImageLauncher.

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4. You'll get the option to run the image once or to install it by integrating it into your system. Choose Integrate and run.

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This will install Sizzy and give you an app icon that you can pin to your dock or run through your distro's app launcher.

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Method 2: Making the AppImage executable

With this method, Sizzy will work, but as a portable app that you have to run from your Downloads folder every time (or, by creating a shortcut to the AppImage file on your desktop).

2. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the AppImage to. Right-click the file, and click on Properties.

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3. In this window, go to the Permissions tab and make sure the Allow executing file as program option is enabled.

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4. Run the AppImage file to use Sizzy.

Updated 26 Nov 2021
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