You can use Notes to store information like API tokens, dummy credentials, items you paste often, and... notes.

Notes are tied to Projects and will switch as you switch between projects.

Creating notes

Click the Notes icon on the Left Sidebar.

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Click the ➕ New note button on the top.

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Locking notes

For potentially sensitive notes such as passwords, you can use the Lock feature to hide the note text.

Think of it as protection against the annoying coworker who likes to sneak up behind you without warning or if you live stream your coding sessions.

Note locking is a VERY basic way to hide some text. DO NOT use this feature to store your bank passwords or social security number, etc.

Hover over the note you want to protect and click on the 🔓 Lock Note icon on the right.

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This will obscure the note's text. You can unlock the note the same way.

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Copying note text

To copy a note, click the Copy to clipboard button on the left.

Tip: Using this feature copies the text even if the note is locked.

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Updated 24 May 2022
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