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Presets is a very powerful Sizzy feature that allows you to switch between very complex workflow setups with ease. Imagine a preset like a snapshot of your Sizzy workspace that you can go back to any time.

For example, you might want to have a preset for testing all the locales your site uses at once, one for testing light/dark mode, one to test a page for both admins and users, and one to make sure your page looks fine on all phones and tablets.

What can a preset hold?

Global properties

A preset can store the following global properties. Global implies that these properties will be applicable to all the devices in your workspace, except the devices that override them.

  • Active devices All the devices currently in your workspace in responsive mode. You can use this to have multiple sets of devices that you can switch between easily.
  • Zoom Levels Sometimes you need to zoom all the way in to see the details, sometimes you just want to see the overview. No need to play with zoom slider anymore, you can save your current zoom level in the preset.
  • Align Modes A good old-fashioned grid, or a fancy custom layout. The preset will remember what you prefer.
  • Device Configuration The preset will also remember you preferences for the device frame, browser UI, header, etc.
  • Simulations The network speed, color scheme, touch cursor, print emulation, software keyboard and locale settings will also be saved in the preset.
  • Current URL along with history can also be saved in a preset, in case you want to have a preset to test a specific page.
  • Navigation Sync Settings To sync or not to sync, the preset knows it.
  • Current Session Don't log out and log back in like it's 1990. You can save your preferred session in the preset.

Per-device properties

Devices can also override certain properties. This is very useful in cases where, for example, you want to have one device with light theme and others with dark theme to make sure you don't break the light theme when working on your design. The following per-device properties can be saved in a preset.

  • Current URL. This works when Synchronize Navigation is disabled, allowing you to work with multiple URLs at once.
  • Device Configuration The preset can also save the device configuration changes you make per-device.
  • Per-device Sessions You can have a different user logged in in each device, and save it in a preset.
  • Per-device Simulations You can have presets with a different simulation for each device, so it's easy to test different locales, network conditions, etc without manually tweaking the workspace every time.

You can check out the Preset Examples for some ideas to get started.

As an example, you can create preset for:

  • Multiple Touch Devices Simulating a Different Connection Speed and Screen Orientation
  • Devices Set to Different Languages for Testing Localization Support

  • Testing Dark and Light Themes on Multiple Devices
  • Differences between JavaScript enabled and disabled.

Updated 01 Aug 2022
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