Recording Settings

To change recording settings such as default save location and GIF FPS, click on the ⚙ Recording Settings button in the toolbar.

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Save recordings in...

Change the folder in which recordings are saved by default.

Show a countdown before starting a recording

When enabled, there's a 3-second countdown before the recording starts. When turned off, the recording starts instantly.

Trim empty space

Enabling this crops the extra space around the devices. If disabled, the entire workspace is recorded with the video.

Padding around devices

Adds some padding around the devices in the video instead of cropping it off right at the device edges (only works with Trim empty space enabled.)

GIF Frames Per Second (FPS)

Specify the number of frames per second when recording a GIF. Increasing this number results in a smoother recording and larger file size.

Updated 08 Sep 2021
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