Switching the Updates Channel

Other than the Stable channel, Sizzy offers two more (potentially unstable) options: Alpha and Beta. You can use the latter two development versions if you wish to take a sneak peek at the upcoming Sizzy features (or if you're feeling adventurous.) The Beta channel updates every week, while Alpha gets a release almost every day.

Caution Please note that the beta and alpha are unstable versions. Expect bugs and/or app crashes.

To switch channels, click the ⚙ Settings icon in the top-right of the window, and click on About. Here, you can choose the update channel that you want.

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Once you save your preference, Sizzy will automatically look for updates and you'll see a popup asking for an update.

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Once the download is complete, you'll be prompted to restart the app. After restarting, you'll be on the unstable channel.