Testing Dark and Light Themes on Multiple Devices

In this example, we'll use simulations to test our website in dark mode and light mode on a Galaxy S20 and Macbook.

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Prerequisites/recommended reading

Cloning Devices

Float Mode

Creating Presets


Per-device Simulations


Add both devices to the workspace, switch to Float Mode, and move the devices where you want.

Sizzy decides the website's color scheme based on your system's theme (dark in this case). To change this setting globally, see Global Simulations.

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Clone each device once and place them next to the default device. You can also rename the cloned devices.

Only cloned devices can be renamed. If you want a custom name for all devices, create another clone, rename it, and hide the default device from the workspace.

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Set one of each device type to simulate a light theme. Save the preset.

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Updated 10 Dec 2021
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