Trial Subscription vs Free Trial

The old way—trial subscription

Before 5 May 2021, the only way to try the app was to provide your credit card information and start a trial subscription.

Unless you canceled the subscription before the trial expired, your card would be automatically charged. Many users complained about this process, so we made some changes.

The new way—free trial

Now, creating a Sizzy account gives you a free, zero-commitment 14-day trial—no credit card required.

To start the trial,


What if I started a trial subscription before 5 May?

You can cancel the subscription by logging in to the Sizzy Portal and clicking Cancel subscription in the Billing tab.

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How can I reactivate Sizzy with the free trial?

If you have already activated a trial subscription, deactivate Sizzy first. On macOS, click on Sizzy in the menu bar, and select Deactivate Sizzy. On Windows/Linux, open the hamburger menu on the top left of the window, and go to Sizzy -> Deactivate Sizzy.

Deactivating on macOS (left) and Windows/Linux (right)
Deactivating on macOS (left) and Windows/Linux (right)

Once deactivated, choose "Continue with trial" on the activation screen.

How can I purchase a subscription once my trial is over?