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Sizzy offers a lot of useful features for its users, wether they are used for building a product or simply testing it. For matters of convenience and aesthetics, we grouped certain functionalities inside a Workspace Toolbar.

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The Workspace Tool is devided into two sections.

The buttons grouped on the left side are all related to features that engage the devices' abilities in a different way. Such as, Navigation Sync, Simulations, Performance, Session Manager, Screenshot All Devices, and Enable Design Mode.

The buttons grouped on the right side are all about the alignment and layout of the devices. On the right side you will find Presets, Devices Allignment and Modes, Device Configuration, Rotate Devices, and Zoom.

If the look of the Workspace Toolbar is too cluttered for you, you can simply toggle it off by using the shortcut Cmd + Shift + X on macOS, Ctrl + Shift + X on Windows/Linux.

Or, you can go to Settings -> Toolbar -> Buttons and you can disable the buttons you don't often use or need.

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Updated 19 May 2022
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